Our History

1966 - A Home prayer meeting and Bible study started.

1967-68 - The group formed a church called  Suffield Fellowship  and invited G.W. Busse to be the Pastor. They still met    at his home in the area until they outgrew it and moved to Lake Center Christian School to meet.

1968- A house and land were purchased and the house remodeled to fit the congregation and parsonage.

1969- The congregation met for the first time in the parsonage basement on Easter Sunday. The congregation continued growing and soon outgrew the basement of the parsonage.

1973- A new building was completed adjacent to the parsonage.

1978- The search for a new Pastor began as Pastor Busse was now 74 and ready retire.

1979 Jim Shuman was asked if he would serve as the new Pastor. He accepted and has been Pastor ever since.

Early 1980’s- The parsonage was still being used for classrooms, but a need was developing for additional classrooms.

1984- Funds to build  the new addition of five classrooms and a nursery were miraculously raised and the addition was  built and complete in 1985 with no additional debt.

1992- A new Sanctuary, with a gymnasium built-in, and several more classrooms was completed.

1990’s- The parsonage was lived in by the youth pastor and his wife and the basement was completely remodeled twice for the youth group. It ended up as Street Legals Underground, complete with video games a pool table, a stage area, air hockey and black lights.

1997- The Pastor and Elders revised the original 1968 Constitution to meet more up-to-date needs of the church.

2004- Suffield Fellowship Church became debt free by paying off the entire church mortgage.


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